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The Specialities

- A different experience away, from the clichés of mass tourism -

  • Breathtaking views of Trebiano (Arcola) from the b&b Sotto il Castello

    Breathtaking viewsA front row seat, it goes on stage every day...

    Enjoy the spectacle of the Val di Magra, breathe the fresh air and lulled into the feeling of having all the time in the world.

  • Cozy rooms of the b&b Sotto il Castello

    Cozy roomsIntimacy and comfort with a very personal style...

    What's better than getting up in the morning, look out the window and watch the sun peeks over the mountains?

  • Healthy cuisine at the b&b Sotto il Castello

    Healthy cuisineTake care of your body together to your mind

    Take a moment to rediscover forgotten flavors and taste the recipes of Ligurian tradition, you will not regret.

  • A cozy home awaits you in Trebiano Arcola

    Family runAttention to detail, care and hospitality

    Tradition, elegance along with a unique style and a warm welcome are the perfect ingredients for begin a dream holiday.

  • Laughters together in Trebiano (Arcola) at the b&b Sotto il Castello

    New friendsare waiting for sharing the b&b together with you

    You arrive as a guests and leave as a friends... The b&b is designed to put you in contact and socialize with other guests. Guaranteed by Laura!

  • Culture and nature from the b&b Sotto il Castello

    Culture and natureTrails and history are branching starting from the b&b

    Infinte are the possibilities that the Magra valley and the province of La Spezia offer, if you do not know where to start, ask at Laura!

A bit of history... the birth of the b&b sotto il castello

Everyone needs a change sooner or later, set new goals to be achieved for looking at the world with new eyes. So Laura, estimated photographer in La Spezia, decided in 2004 to close his studio to find a new inspiration. Thus was born the idea of ​​bringing new life to his property and turn it into a b&b.        Sotto il Castello has been renovated with the precise idea of ​​maintaining its authentic essence while adding a personal touch with an eye on the environment, using recycled materials where ever possible.

From walls to floors, from the terrace to the rooms, every detail has been designed with passion by Laura with the help of a few close friends. The result is an incredible synergy between the house and its owner. To understand what it means you just need to come and see...

The hospitality to another level the experience that you do not expect...

The bed and breakfast Sotto il Castello is located in the village of Roman origin of Trebiano on a slope at 162 meters above sea level. The structure of the house, true to the tradition of the village is enhanced by personal additions of Laura that create a unique alchemy, skillfully mixing traditional and modern. Consisting of only three bedrooms Sotto il Castello is certainly not a great structure, but its strength is precisely this: here you will feel at home, in family. From the colors of the walls, the choice of furniture through the ornaments, each room tells many different stories to whoever wants to listen.

Music, culture, nature and conviviality are intertwined between the rooms of the house providing insights to enrich and/or improve your stay. Sotto il Castello is not just accommodation but it can become an integral part of yours holiday a happy memory to keep...

Free Wifi

No television


Pets are very welcome

The weather in Trebiano

Weather and temperatures to help you book more serenely

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  • "Dear Laura,
    more we get back and more we are happy at the thought to be back... Thank you for the freedom that your home has to offer and again many thanks for the delicious lunches that you prepare to us.
    You are fantastic!".
    by Barbara e Maurizio
  • "The 30/06 Gioia was born, a beautiful little girl ... We really wanted to come back from Laura because Gioia was conceived in this beautiful home... We will come back to show her when she gets older! Who knows, maybe she will come back with her boyfriend or fall in love here... Sotto il Castello is really special place!".
    by Georgia e Marco
  • "That "Sotto il Castello" inspired me and luckily, it is the instinct that must be followed! Thus you will find delicious things and meet wonderful people. Is the fate? Or what your heart wanted to have
    ... See you again soon.".
    by Moreno e Angela

The rooms

- A quick description of the rooms and their comforts -

  • Bedroom The Pink Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano


  • View The Pink Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano


  • Bathroom The Pink Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano


30per night

The Pink roomspacious, ideal for a family

The pink room is the most spacious room among those offered by the b&b Sotto il Castello. Spacious and cozy can accommodate without problems a couple or a family with one or two children with the ability to add an extra comfortable bed. The room has a private bathroom, wifi in room, heating in the cold months and due to its elevated position in the warm months remains fresh and airy. Carefully furnished with the unmistakable style of Laura, the pink room will satisfy young and old alike.

  • The Green Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    The Green Room

  • Room with view The Green Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    Room with view

  • View from the bathroom The Green Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    View from the bathroom

30per night

The Green roomintimate, perfect for a couple

Perfect for a couple who wants to spend a bit of time in relaxation and intimacy. Equipped with a comfortable French bed and a small but cozy bathroom complete with everything, the green room will enchant you with its simplicity. The room is also equipped with wifi in room, heating in the cold months and due to its elevated position in the warm months remains fresh and airy.

  • Laura's Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    First bed

  • Second bed Laura's Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    Second bed

  • The bathroom Laura's Room B&B Sotto il Castello Trebiano

    The bathroom

30per night

Laura's roomcomfortable and spacious, suitable for a small group of friends

Spacious and furnished with the unique style that characterizes the b&b Sotto il Castello, the room is ideal for a group of friends or to make more comfortable your children. Equipped with 2 single beds, a full bathroom, also provides a small closet for extra storage space for your belongings. The room is also equipped with wifi, heating in the cold months and due to its elevated position in the warm months remains fresh and airy.

Seasons Low season
from 09/01 to 05/04
from 15/10 to 23/12
Mid season
from 10/04 to 22/06
from 03/09 to 14/10
High season
from 06/04 to 09/04
from 23/06 to 02/09
from 24/12 to 08/01
Single 1 night 30€ 30€ 40€
Single 2+ nights 30€ 30€ 35€
Double 1 night 60€ 60€ 75€
Double 2+ nights 50€ 50€ 70€


- You will be amazed by the possibilities that the Val di Magra can offer -

Monuments and other places of interest

A short list of the many opportunities that the area of the Magra offers

Tour of Museums

Civic Museum - La Spezia
The museum is housed in the rooms of the complex of the Friars of St. Francis and has several collections: ivories, bronzes, miniatures, pottery, jewelry and paintings by artists such as Pontormo, Tiziano, Canaletto. The core of the collection - probably the richest in Europe - were donated by Amedeo Lia, a passionate collector and forward-looking, and is the taste for Italian culture of the classical, medieval and modern age. Different sections provide a comprehensive overview and taste of Italian culture, in particular the collection called The Primitives, which includes paintings by Pietro Lorenzetti, Bernardo Daddi, Lippo Memmi, Sassetta, and many temperas and paintings by Vincenzo Foppa, Antonio Vivarini, a likely young Raffaello, Pontormo, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Sebastiano del Piombo, Giovanni Cariani, Giovanni Bellini, Bernardo Bellotto and Pietro Longhi.

Web Site - Road Directions
Castle of St. George - La Spezia
The exhibition includes two floors of the castle. The lower ground floor is home to the Neolithic period pieces, such as the axes of Palmaria, Cape Crow and San Bernardino and others, in addition to the group of steles dating back to the Copper Age and the Iron Age. There is also a section and paleontological material found at the necropolis of Gennicciola and Ameglia. Upstairs you will find the material of Roman and medieval area of ​​La Spezia, from the collection of Fabbricotti. It is marble architectural elements, artifacts funerary material from the necropolis of Luni, artifacts from ancient public buildings, statues, precious stones, precious fragment mosaic inscriptions on marble, ceramics, glasses and jugs, marble liturgical pieces and coins of the early Middle Ages.

Web Site - Road Directions
Camec - La Spezia
The core of the permanent collection originates from the institution of National Painting Prize, which since 1993 brings together international artists who have donated to the city about three hundred works. Approximately fifteen hundred works form the collection donated by Giorgio and Ilda Cozzani in 1998 to the City of La Spezia; documenting the 900 spacing in each direction. Among the many thematic units, must be reported Expressionist works, the Group of Eight, the Informal, the Cobra group, a presence Spur, probably unique in Italy. Do not miss some important examples of geometric and Spatialism, to the more recent currents, such as Programmed and Kinetic Art, the Optical, Minimal and Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, Pop the most typical and the least known, and yet the Land Art, Fluxus, Body Art and Performance, which Cozzani live in person, participating in events, the Trans. Another important group of the collection donated to the city by Ferruccio and Anna Maria Battolini, documenting sixty years of art and includes works by militant criticism and Guttridge, Spinosa, Montarsolo, Nespolo.

Web Site - Road Directions
Naval Museum - La Spezia
The museum was created to preserve the historical memory and tradition of the Navy. The museum is arranged on two floors and begins with the space devoted to figureheads, among which is that of the vessel Bourbon Minerva and other memorabilia. This was followed by the room that collects torpedoes, torpedoes and various underwater weapons and a room devoted to artillery, which exposes machine guns, and cannons of various ages, including two sixteenth-century Moorish mortars. On the second floor is the collection of memorabilia related to the Navy and models belonging to the period from the late nineteenth century to now. Following the collection of material on the Service Navigation and that coming from the Italian airship expedition to the Arctic Circle. Finally, there is the photographic documentation of the first experiments of Guglielmo Marconi with the mobile receiving stations at the end of the nineteenth century.

Web Site - Road Directions

Tour of the natural beauties

The National Park of the 5 Terre - 5 Terre
The National Park of the Cinque Terre on the list of world heritage, environmental and cultural heritage, provides environmental and cultural features to safeguard and enhance: coast overlooking the sea with bays and beaches, thousands of miles of dry stone walls in mark the terraces for the cultivation of the vine, the characteristic rustic, medieval towns, shrines, scenic trails on the sea and on the slopes. If you then add the fine wines of Liguria, fresh fish, cooking and traditional crafts, it captures the value of these places.

Web Site - Road Directions
Regional Park of Montemarcello-Magra - La Spezia
From the top of the Caprione promontory, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the breath-taking view of the Gulf of La Spezia in the west, and the fertile plain of the river Magra, to the east. Appreciated by the Romans, who founded the settlement of Luni, the area alternates crops river and wetlands where waterfowl nest in areas highly compromised. The park, created by the merger of the former river park and the protected area of Monte Marcello, represents an experiment in rehabilitation of degraded areas. The most intact river stretch of the park is made ​​up of the Vara, a tributary of the Magra. In the valley dominate historical centers and castles, as well as ancient water mills.

Web Site - Road Directions
Campiglia e Tramonti - La Spezia
Between Portovenere and the tip Mesco (which borders to the north the wide bay of Monterosso) 7 and not 5 are the lands that follow, rich in precious vineyards: after 5 universally known by the common name of "Cinque Terre" (Monterosso , Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore), you meet the lesser-known 2 lands called "Tramonti (sunset)", or more precisely, "Tramonti di Biassa" and "Tramonti di Campiglia" last inhabited places of the Far Eastern Liguria. Then, continuing towards Portovenere, only the harsh rocks of Albana (Le Rosse) and Muzzerone (Le Nere) rise vertically on the sea, delimiting small inaccessible beaches and crystal clear sea. Campiglia is a village in the municipality of La Spezia. The eastern part of its territory "Tramonti di Campiglia" is part of the National Park of the Cinque Terre.

Web Site - Road Directions
The Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere - Portovenere
The Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere offers a unique landscape with its high coasts, caves, vegetation that permeates the environment in every season with the ever-changing shades of color. Element that blends and harmonizes every detail is the sea, sometimes calm and clear enough to think like an enchanted mirror the multicolored rocks and flying seagulls, sometimes rough and angry when, roaring, breaks against the rock on which stands the Church of St. Peter. To crown the Park archipelago with the three islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, defying the blue sea in a whirlwind of flavors and looks towards infinity. But the park is not only Nature, History dwells here prehistoric times, with the Cave of Pigeons, until the recent past in which Marconi experimented in front of the village its innovative studies.

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Call me at +39 3394909420 i will be happy to answer your questions

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Frre Wifi

a bit of modernity never hurts

Every guest can enjoy the convenience of having a free wifi in every room.
To share your vacation in real time or stay in touch with your world but not too much!


No Tv

you will not isolate in front of a box, at least not here

Music for every ear, books for every palate, table games, culture, a relaxed atmosphere where you can make friends with other guests or with Laura, who needs TV?



start your day in the right way

The heady scent of freshly baked cakes or traditional sweets along with a well-stocked assortment of yogurt, pastries, tea and jams await you every morning with the magnificent landscape that opens onto the terrace. If you want you can also book breakfast time the day before. For those who prefer to follow their own habits is available the fully equipped kitchen!



your pet will also gladly our

Inside the B & B your pets are welcome and much appreciated. No need to warn and, please, take them with you, will be hosted in your room.


Typical Cuisine

rediscover a way of life naturally that embraces all aspects of everyday

Sotto il Castello offers its customers a small garden with its fresh, seasonal produce (when available*) and a fully equipped kitchen for cook. If, however, you love to eat but do not feel to start cooking you can ask Laura to cook for you, if possible, she will be happy to accommodate you.** But it is not enough, if you want to deepen your knowledge of the local dishes you can ask Laura for advice on the best places to eat in the area.



mind and heart of Sotto al Castello

Soul of the b&b Laura was the architect, the designer, the restorer and the bricklayer of Sotto il Castello. Stone by stone has realized, practically alone, the restoration of the house. She knows every secret detail and if you want it she will be more than happy to share with you the stories and anecdotes behind the making of the work. In the life of Laura, however, there are also art, culture, music, literature, cinema passions that cultivates for years and which has made available to its guests in the form of records and books (but not only), here and there in the house.



culture and nature are intertwined in the paths that branch out from Sotto il Castello

From the b&b Sotto il Castello can be reached in a moment the flood plain of the Val di Magra, which offers the possibility of numerous hiking trails in a unique environment, by the sea and with the Apuan Alps behind. You can choose to go for the enabled trails in the vicinity of Sarzana in the lake of Pallodola, follow the trails in the Park of Monte Marcello Magra, trails that offer breathtaking views from the top of the hills or in addition to nature trails, you can follow the Via Francigena that enters the Val di Magra down from Bibola, Ponzanello or Fosdinovo. But there's many other paths await you, for more information please use the section "tour of the natural beauty" of the site, or ask Laura!